MAGIS Creative Spaces

MAGIS Creative Spaces is a center for psychosocial services, focused on creative education and both traditional and alternative therapies to advocate the expressive arts for wellbeing, resilience, and lifelong learning.

MAGIS began in 2013, catering to individual psychosocial needs of mainly children. Housed in the Learning Child School, Alabang, its primary thrust was to impact the life of a child through his learning environment as well as providing access of services to the stakeholders in the child’s life: his family. Today, in its third year of operations, MAGIS is evolving into its vision of bringing the value of the arts to various contexts: schools, workplaces, and marginalized communities.

We cultivate the integration of psychosocial wellness interventions with solid psychological and scientific background into everyday contexts through simple, purposefully-designed activities for mindfulness, playful and experiential learning, and expression and reflection for self-awareness and self-regulation.

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