The Learning Child’s Interactive and Play-based Online Program (iPOP)

In light of the disruptions due to the COVID-19 crisis, The Learning Child School temporarily shifted to a virtual learning program for the continuity of learning among our students and to support parents in their child’s development and growth.

While it was not our goal to recreate our classrooms, we aimed to help provide children a sense of security and normalcy and nurture their spirit of learning and discovery through nurturing a daily rhythm. Healthy routines instill in them a deep sense of safety and trust.

In the General Education track, age-appropriate activities were used as vehicles to keep classroom connections alive. The areas of development included the following: physical, cognitive, socio-emotional, language and literacy, and numeracy.

In the Special Education track, there was also additional support in areas of life skill development; functional reading, mathematics, and science; and sensory skill development.

What’s in the program

  1. Dedicated small classes for age groups:
    • Toddlers,  2 – 3 years old
    • Nursery 1,  3.1 – 4 years old
    • Nursery 2, 4.1 –  5 years old
    • Kinder, 5.1 – 6 years old
    • Special Education, 4 – 8 years old
  2. Activities to facilitate interaction with parents and/or caregivers
  3. Virtual Circle Time
  4. Learning Sessions
  5. Student Assessment through collaboration of Teacher and Parent
  6. Quarterly Progress Reports
  7. Additional support for students in Special Education Programs (these may vary depending on the assessed needs of each child)
    • Parent Interview for Needs Assessment process
    • Individualized sessions with special education teacher
    • Social skills small group sessions
    • Integration to general education virtual circle time
    • Dedicated time for Life Skills development
    • Pull-out sessions for focus on individualized learning goals

What you’ll need

Learning Station
A space dedicated for the child’s sessions. This space has ample light and ventilation, and minimal distractions.

Any of the following (preferably one with a big screen or projected to a big monitor):
Desktop computer

Zoom for secure video conferencing
ClassDojo, a learning management system and means of communication with parents

Adult Assistance, to:
Connect the child to virtual sessions
Prepare materials for the child when necessary
Troubleshoot technical issues that may arise