At The Learning Child, we believe that every member of our faculty and staff plays a role in making your child’s stay in school an enjoyable and memorable experience. Our faculty and staff come from various fields such as education, psychology, music, physical therapy, and even engineering.

L – R:
Teacher Bev, Teacher Denice, Teacher Tin, Teacher Blenda, Teacher Anne, Teacher Tel, Teacher Kat, Teacher Mina, Teacher Dyan, Teacher Kaye, Teacher Casey


Toddlers   –   Charisse Flores

Nursery 1 A and CampLIFE   –   Bianca Ramirez, Ivankha Cervantes

Nursery 1 B   –   Kaye Tirones, Katherine Estrella

Nursery 2 A   –   Kristine Tomenio, Denice Antonio

Nursery 2 B   –   Dyan Uy, Kristel Roquero

Kinder   –   Bev Cruz, Casey Bautista


Blenda Dela Cruz   –   Preschool Head

Kathy Ponce   –   Administrative Manager

Bev Cruz   –   Faculty Development Manager

Karmina Corpus   –   SPED Coordinator

Bambi Gamban   –   External Relations and Community Manager


Elsa Hudit – Accounting and Finance

Jensen Dorilag  –  Cashier   

Meredith Illenberger   – Facilities Manager