Cartwheel is an NGO working with the indigenous community at the foothills of Mt. Kalatungan and Mt. Kitanglad to give indigenous youth and communities the chance to enjoy their right to quality and culturally relevant education.

In partnership with MAGIS Creative Spaces and The Learning Child School (TLC), Art for Aditowa: Art Exchange was initiated as a joint project with Cartwheel in February 2016. It had TLC pre-school students from Muntinlupa and Angiskul ma Bangka (“Classes in Bancas”) Bajau learners from Zamboanga as participants sending art, photos, and video messages to each other. TLC also sent in school supply kits for all the AmB learners, together with the children’s artwork.

Art for Aditowa was introduced as a school-wide advocacy and outreach project at TLC where teachers, parents, and all students were involved. Pre-school teachers began by sharing with their respective classes informational background on their Bajau partner community. Details were explained to the parents who were encouraged to send in their school kit donations with supplies that were specifically requested by Cartwheel. The teachers then facilitated the students’ creation of artwork which were thoughtfully included in each of the school kits. Learn more about this project.

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