As an educational institution, The Learning Child’s basic thrust is to draw out from its students their unique talents and abilities, through a variety of learning activities, developmentally appropriate practices, and a learning environment that fosters success and safety.


“I believe that the early childhood education program I started 42 years ago was relevant to that period and in many ways ahead of its time. Today, our program is a product of years of training pre-school teachers and exposing them to new approaches and countless resources that will enhance their skills and knowledge of Early Childhood Education” — Mary Anne Abella Alfonso

The Learning Child School currently offers a preschool program, offering the following levels:

  • Toddlers (2-3 years old)
  • Nursery 1 (3.1 -4 years old)
  • Nursery 2 (4.1 -5 years old)
  • Kinder (5.1 -6 years old)

Students are taught in a classroom with a 1:15 teacher-student ratio.

In addition, we accept students with special needs under our inclusion program, where they are integrated into regular pre-school classes. The teacher-student ratio for the children with special needs is 1:3, to ensure that they will receive the proper attention and guidance.

Our children in the inclusion program are accepted and cared for by their classmates and their teachers. The inclusion program benefits both the children in and out of the program, teaching them uniqueness, kindness, compassion, and peace.

Our present Early Childhood Education program is one that is developmentally appropriate and rich in content. It starts with a basic understanding of the different stages of child development and is grounded on meaningful teacher-child, teacher-parent-child partnerships. It is our belief that a child learns best when he is self-confident, responsible, independent, and loving.

Opportunities to discover, explore, challenge and problem solve are many. There is a balance of daily activities: structured/unstructured; informative/creative; active/quiet; indoor/outdoor; observe/participate; and alone/together.

We were the first to introduce “Motivation Time”, field trips, Family Day, Grandparents’ Day, Christmas productions, art contests and workshops for parents.

Recently, we also introduced yoga in our preschool program, and already we can see the benefits. Yoga encourages our students to relax, to release their excess energy, and to improve their focus.

This year, we plan to introduce in a simple, regulated way, the use of technology in the classroom. Classes will start using interactive resources that are child-friendly and age-appropriate.

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