About the school

The Learning Child is a Catholic school with a long-serving history of 54 years in education. We are committed to ensuring the total development of each child – an individual who always lives towards his fullest potential.

Mary Anne Abella Alfonso is the guiding force behind The Learning Child School. Her passion to teach young children drove her to start a school in her home in 1969. Through the years, her record and dedication to education have been the reason that the school has prospered and expanded. This is the story of a continuing love affair between a committed teacher and her students.

Left: Teacher Anne with her first batch of students at the porch of her home, 1974.  Right: Teacher Anne in the garden of her school in Alabang as it stands today, 2016.

TLC Philosophy

As an educational institution, The Learning Child’s basic thrust is to draw out from its students their unique talents and abilities, through a variety of learning activities, developmentally appropriate practices, and a learning environment that fosters success and safety.

TLC is committed to ensure the total development of the Learning Child – an individual who always lives towards his fullest potential.

Mission & Vision

To anchor an inclusive, loving, and joyful early childhood education on what is essential to the full development of every child’s heart, mind, body, and spirit.

A learning child growing into a fully alive, confident, compassionate global citizen, utilising his or her gifts to contribute to the betterment of society.

Core Values

Having social awareness and taking the responsibility to be of service to the student community.

Pursuing a course of action in spite of the difficulty and challenges and not giving up no matter what the consequences are.

Loving God, self, and others in order to live out one’s commitment to the Church, to make this a better world to live in.

Respecting the elderly, your peers, those in authority, and members of a community.

Being truthful, honest, whole, complete, and sincere in whatever you do.

Thinking through even the most difficult circumstances in order to find honest solutions and answers for the best interests of all at hand.